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Integration Platform As a Service

Organisations are moving their operations to the cloud, adopting different SaaS, PaaS and IaaS tools creating integration challenges in an effort to keep their data accessible, in-sync and up-to-date. iPaaS are new generation cloud-based solutions residing both in the cloud and on-premises ; that facilitate the integration of applications, processes and data.

On Premises Integration

Excortex offers the means to design, develop and deploy a data and application integration strategy for you on-premises applications. Such a service would allow applications to consume data locally without latency, on-demand and interactively.  Business users would now have the ability to consume application and data services using synchronous and asynchronous means of interaction. 

Hybrid Cloud On Premises Integration

The shift to the cloud compels organisations to develop a combined data and application integration strategy that considers how on-premises and cloud applications co-exist and integrate to fulfill organisational requirements.

Data Integration

Excortex services ensure the delivery of ;

  • The right data, of the highest quality at the right time.
  • Data to the right place, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Data to the right consumer, whether it is a business user or an application.
  • Data in the right way, ensuring it is secure and protected.

API Management

Full life-cycle API Management allows an organisation to provide a platform for any digital strategy.  This functionality is required in order to provide the technology platform for digital business, run successful API programs and thrive in the API economy. The API economy consists of business models and channels that allow the exchange of data to an ecosystem of developers, users, business partners and customers.

Business Process Management

Excortex will help your organisation to rapidly tailor your business processes to market needs by enabling the following; 

  • Modeling of on-cloud and on-premises processes.
  • Central process execution .
  • Provision of intuitive interfaces for business users.
  • Integration of business rules and security into existing processes.
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